12 Steps to Gain Control Over Your Life: 
Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

 Find Inner Peace, Love, and Purpose


Inspired Motion Academy

This is a program developed for you! It combines mind, body, and spirit to help you find peace and calm amid the storms of life. It's about moving forward, not back. It's about learning how to control your reactions, have patience, have a quiet mind, stop taking things personally, and learn to live the life you were designed to live!

You are invited to a special LIMITED TIME offer to talk with Rachel 1:1

It is... Time to Get Out of 
Your Own Way
This program is designed to give you what you need to learn how to be present, let go of past pain, and live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. I can't wait to share with you the details. 

With this proven system, you will begin to see your life in a brand new way, and KNOW that you have the power to choose your state of mind, no matter what the circumstances bring.

Through my own journey and in working with students for the past decade, I found that in order to create REAL and LASTING transformation, you need to address the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Most programs only address one (maybe two) of these pieces. 

Rachel Reveals The Exact Steps To Be Present and Find JOY! 
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What's Inside Inspired Motion Academy
  • Have More Patience and Tolerance
  • ​Realize What Matters Most 
  • How to Find Inner Peace
  • How to Rebound from a Tough Day Quickly
  • ​How to Have Peace Of Mind
  • ​How to Let Go
  • How to Develop A Sense of Inner Happiness and Bliss
  • How to Stop Obsessive Thinking
  • ​Know You Are Enough
Hear what our students are saying... 

An entire family changed... 

New outlook 

From stressed to blessed... 

Small Change Creates Big Change

"I love the way you explain ways to “fit it in.”
That’s important to me. You explain how it doesn’t have to be this grand plan…
That small change can happen in small periods of time that leads to the big change you’re striving for.
You changed my life. 
And I’m a tough nut to crack! "
- Nicole

Inspired to Start

"Working with Rachel is something I look forward to and provides me with the inspiration to start my week on the right foot. I had been someone who had the Monday morning blues beginning around 4pm on Sunday. What I have learned from Rachel is WHAT A WASTE that is. I am spending time when I am free to use my time as I want with my family, in the yard, working out or just relaxing with friends, instead of dwelling on what is next. Rachel is thoughtful, caring and truly motivational."
- Jen 

From Rachel Carta, RN
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Dear friend,

I want to invite you into something truly special. 

I opened my calendar so that we could talk about your goals and vision for who you WANT. It is challenging to try to change your life alone. I know for me, it wasn't until I found mentors who had been there and could guide me, that my life began to change! 

This is why I am thrilled to be opening space to talk to you 1:1! These spaces are limited and I hope you grab yours today! 

Some of the topics we could discuss: 
* How to improve your mindset to completely transform your life and health
* How small steps stack up to massive results
* How to be positive and improve your outlook  
* How to prioritize what matters
* How to set boundaries so that you are clear in where you are going and can sleep easily, knowing you did your absolute best!  
* AND how to know that you are enough! 

But before we talk, I want to tell you the how and the WHY I created this opportunity for you...

This was not a random decision. This evolved over years of trying to fix my own life and finally figuring out what actually moves the needle to create change! 

After I began to share what I was doing and I saw my students having success and find greater peace and happiness, I knew I had to find a way to share these secrets with you! 

My name is Rachel Carta. I am a Life Coach, Registered Hospice Nurse, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and a Mom!  

I am more than honored to share with you ... Inspired Motion Academy. 

I can't wait talk with you 1:1!

You matter! Your life matters! It is time to live the life you were designed to live! 
Thanks again,
P.S. You don't wait to miss this incredible special offering! 
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